And God said it was good. He Spoke, it was his voice.

Let’s empower your voice, let’s not wait till it is perfect, let’s do this today.

Start with a Chapter, start with a phone, start getting God’s word out there through your voice.

Have a look at what we already have here.


We want to create a library of audio.

By Books, by Languages, by Versions and for people to create their own Library of their recordings.

We are just starting out and we want your voice here. This is about getting started and becoming better. Please don’t wait just becuase this is new for you. Let us help you get your voice out there.

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Get Involved

The best way to get involved is to simply start recording your voice and uploading it here.

  • Once you have an account I have videos to show you how to upload your audio.
  • This will get your audio on this website in the correct place for others to listen to.

I want to encourage you to just start recording. Don’t the perfect get in the way of the perfect.


I would really like to gets some new good pictures up on this website around the idea of Logos Alive, people empowered to become the Voice for God’s Word, the voice for this generation, and back in to their parents and grandparents generation..


I have been greatly impressed that in the last ten years or so the ability to create has moved from a few to anyone.

From Main Stream Media and Studios and Corporations to anyone with a camera, a microphone, a laptop.

I believe there is a new role that the Gatekeepers are being called in to, not to guard the Gate, to stop people, but to help people up on to what ever creative horse you are being called to.

If you are a Gatekeeper, a professional in a particular area, are you hindering the less capable in to your field of expertise or empowering them to become better than they are toady? Are you precious about your sphere, hiding the way in or opening that door wide to help anyone in.

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