Let your voice be heard.

And God said it was Good. He spoke, it was his voice.

Let’s empower your voice, let’s not wait till it is perfect, let’s do this today.

Start with a Chapter, start with a phone, start getting God’s word out there through your voice.

Have a look at what we already have here.

Our Idea

We are convinced that we all have the power to speak God’s Word.

In your Language.
In your Accent.
In your version of choice.

We are developing this site, along with stories.ywam.life to give you a place to put your creativity.

Create an account and start uploading your recordings. Visit our FAQ for how to do this.

Create your own Audios

Get your Phone, practice reading your favorite chapter or chapters.

Record it to your phone and then upload it to your account on this website.

Listen to Others

What to listen to Romans?
In German?
By a Korean?

May be we don’t have that yet, but we would like to.
Go ahead and come on in and listen to what we do have.

Our Mission & Vission

Every tounge, every people, every where.

Your voice is Valuable, it already has an audience, and from this website it can be any where in the world. .


Our Team

Tina Pacheco


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Tony Arcus

Kona, Hawaii